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Ideas on How to Write Dialogue in a Story

A strong and realistic dialogue will often stand out between mere stories and a quality story. When you come up with a strong dialogue, it will be able to advance your story and make it stand out from others that are almost the same. It will provide a break from a continuous of straight exposition. However, it is not easy to write a realistic dialogue more so if you are not experienced. This is because this type of work requires one to adhere to different writing rules and regulations.
Unlike prose from stories, dialogue must have certain features like quotation marks, speech tags, and continuity of the spoken concept. These features and characteristics are the ones that make the story real and attractive in the eyes of the reader and editor. Although developing a good dialogue requires efforts, there are some basic ideas you can employ in order to make your work successful. See an example from this site.
1. Use basic and realistic language.
When writing a dialogue, you need to come up with natural and realistic speech. When you listen to how people speak when they are seated, walking, discussion or arguing, you will note the speech pattern, tones and pitches they use.  Therefore, depending on the dialogue subject matter, you need to use the same natural speech patterns and features. Under the speech pattern, you need to note how people maintain their conversations and the type of music they can play. Read more from this link.
This will guide you on mater concerning speech and conversation maintenance. On the other hand, the value of silence should never be assumed or ignored. Sometime people will keep quiet due to various reasons. This should not be different when it comes to dialogue writing. Ensure your characters get a break. Give the conversation a break and time for the speakers to keep silent.
2. Ensure you are slightly less than a hundred percent realistic.
This is another important tip you need to employ in order to make your work attractive and interesting. People will always talk in starts and stops. They will also pause conversations with arrogant and nonsense words depending on the character of the speakers and what they are talking about. Even though you want to make this work as realistic as possible, you need to understand that pure reality can affect the readability of the work. See this resource page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Writer.
Due to this fact, there are some areas you need to make the written scripts less real in order to make it readable and attractive. Other ideas you need to employ include giving the dialogue moderate information patterns. Avoid giving too much information at a go. Also, ensure you put some breaks with other forms of writing such as action. Also, ensure you have not overdone the dialogue tags.